Ooohhh... The poor little teddy bear!

Meet Rupert. Rupert is a teddy bear.

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Rupert belongs to a lady, but she left him in the her boyfriend's care for a couple of weeks. Rupert then enjoyed some of the hospitality,and diverse activities that one can enjoy, in the fine city of Dunedin, New Zealand.

We started with a snack at one of McDonald's finerestaurants.

Otago offers many fine lakes and rivers for fishing, though Rupert figured he had the best spot:

Dunedin is well known for its University, so Rupert decided to try out life there. He visited both the Computer Science, and Physics departments.

Here we see Rupert trying out a machine in the Graphics lab, and oneof the new 4th year machines.

After popping down to the third year lab for a quick look,

Rupert went to one of the regular Friday seminarsoffered by the Computer and Information science departments.

His education in Computer Science complete, he headed off to physics for a quick look over there. Physicists get to play with fun thingslike mirrors,

radioactive compounds, big machines,

and lasers.


All this was making Rupert quite hungry, but a quick visit to the Database lab's fridge fixed that.

When Rupert tried to sneak over to the Graphics laband pull the same trick, he wasn't quite as successful. He waspromptly captured, and placed into the interrogation chamber.

Rupert held out, and further methods and implements of torture were required

Rupert finally escaped, and had to be put into intensive care tore cover from his injuries.

Unfortunately, Rupert wasn't ever quite the same again and he slid into a life of drugs. An initial addiction to caffiene helped for awhile, but he eventually craved stronger and stronger drinks.

He soon became a regular patron at the Captain Cook Tavern, consuming jug after jug of beer.

Beer eventually wasn't enough, and he moved onto wine.

Rupert finally became completely trashed.

Rupert's life became a never ending spiral of dispair, with him finally ending it all.

Thus ends the tale of Rupert the bear.